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 new project request

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Sakura Tree Lovers
Sakura Tree Lovers

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new project request Empty
PostSubject: new project request   new project request Icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 8:49 am

title: ultimate venus

mangaka: takako shigematsu

genre: drama shojo romance

status: ongoing

scanlated: up to vol. 7 (chinese) chapter 18 (in english)
(read chinese raws: and

licensed in english: yes

Yuzu's parents died, and her mom tell her to bring her mom's last words to her grandmother. her grandmother turns out to be a rich group's president, and looking her a heir for the group, and trying to train her to be and heir for the group. later in vol.5, she found out that she was not her father's child, and there's some secrets behind her parents.......Yuzu later found herself liking her grandmother's personal assistant but her grandmother forced her to choose from the three fiances....

info from: myself and mangafox

reasons: i would like you to do this because i found out a lot of people liked it and want to read the rest of the story (like me). i like this story cuz i like romance manga new project request Herz new project request Herz

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PostSubject: Re: new project request   new project request Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 8:42 pm

hmm :O should i merge this post to the one above? ^^ since it's the same thing XXDD do you mind it? yuki? ^^

*wait o_o now then i thought of it... saki-zaki-yuki o_o wow o_o*

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my 3rd try at sig, still isn't too good yet -sigh-
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new project request
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